Thursday, 16 July 2009

The wrong vibes

I attended a class and as I arrived late, I had to sit at the side. Five minutes later, one of the other regulars came in and sat next to me. He has only been a regular for about 6 weeks but as he knew a lot of the others, I’ve not danced with him that much. Anyway, we joined in the class and made a lot of small talk. He seemed nice enough but I was too busy focusing on the steps which I was struggling with. We switched partners but on the next swap, I ended up with him again and two swaps later it was him again. At the end of the class, we have our normal quick practica and 'again' we danced. By now, I was a bit keen to dance with someone else but he then started telling me that he felt that we were really connecting while dancing. I gave a weak acknowledgement but was then horrified to hear him ask me out on a date. Oh dear! I started to splutter out an explanation about my boyfriend but it was incredibly awkward for both of us. I feel really bad now – I’m really not sure what ‘connection’ he felt we had but obviously I missed it. I hate it when you get into situations like this – it makes you wonder what vibes you are emanating!


  1. It is not your fault. No need to buy into that 'guilt trip" routine some guys try to use, or any kind of manipulative tactic, for that matter. And let not dancing confuse you. Dating, and all stuff that happens off the floor is completely separate.

  2. Dont worry about vibes give it all to the dance, if the guy dancing with you has an ulterior motive you dancing badly is not going to stop him. I am coming up to my 1st year end in Sept and finding someone (preferably a female)who is willing to share there soul just for 3 or so minutes is a rare thing. We brits dance this dance in our own restricted way so if you feel that you can dance it the way it should be then go for it.jb