Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Gabriela Elias and Eduardo Perez

There is a bit of a dearth in London at the moment with most of the teachers I’m familiar with going off on tango holidays and so lots of guest teachers coming over to fill in the gaps. I was a bit apprehensive as my last experiences with guest teachers at the Tango Festival had been a bit hit-and-miss with a lot of self-promotion and teaching videos for sale. I decided however, to try one of the classes with Gabriela Elias and Eduardo Perez, who I had heard were very good and visiting from Greece.

Fortunately, Gabriella and Eduardo were lovely and their dancing elegant and 'neat' (my top compliment!) They taught a class on milonga lisa and traspie and I was impressed that they happily went over the scheduled one hour, to continue demonstrating the steps when we were struggling. So often, I’ve been to classes where the teacher cuts off just in the middle of a lesson because their time is up, even if there is a practica session afterwards. In my mind, the teachers should want you to learn the steps/method – not just stop on a cliff hanger with the trite words ‘We’ll go over this again next week’ translated as: ‘come back to my classes and pay again’.

Anyway, here is an example of their ‘neat’ style:

And my new ambition; to dance 'elegant' milonga.

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  1. I ran into these two in Bristol last month and they were fabulous they taught with flair and humour and and it improved my milonga no end.
    That was until the following week with no practice and old age memory loss I could not remember anything but the basics.
    But heyho I have the memory of holding Gabriela in my arms dancing a few steps of milonga and feeling her energy and drive responding to my leads.