Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The mind is a powerful thing ...

I was out on Saturday at a milonga and my dances felt good. I glided and swooped with the best of them. I had to work Sunday and Monday so couldn’t go out but all day I was humming tango music and surreptiously reading tango blogs/books etc at work. By Tuesday, I was ecstatic as finally I would be able to go back out there and dance again. Unfortunately, en route my train was held up and so I missed the start of the class. I was disappointed but it was ok as I just ‘knew’ I was going to dance beautifully. I had all the images in my head, the perfect embrace, the intricate footwork – it was going to be amazing!

Unfortunately, I’ve just come back from my class and I sucked! I have a heavy heart now and a big dose of humility to swallow.

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