Thursday, 23 April 2009

Milonga Vibes

It was a mid week milonga and so I braced myself and journeyed up north. It was my fourth time there and yet again the energy was just not there for me. A lot of people love this milonga and rate it highly but for some reason, it just never works for me. My dancing is always off, I don’t seem to get the dancing I want and I rarely manage to meet new people. Its strange as I recognised at least 2/3s of the people, so its not as if I’m dancing with new people or doing stuff I can’t do. Could it be the DJ? Perhaps, although I’m not experienced enough to say consciously its that. I’m guessing it just must be the vibe of the place and it obviously just doesn’t sync with me. That’s not to say it is a bad milonga, just doesn’t suit me. In contrast, there is another milonga I’ve gone to and somehow whenever I am there, everything seems to fit and flow. I dance ‘great’ tango, find exciting new partners and somehow the energy is different and my feet move smoother and quicker. Does anyone else have these experiences? Is there a milonga which just never fits however many times you try it?

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