Friday, 10 April 2009

En tus brazos

I’m sure a significant amount of readers have seen this amazing cartoon before but for those of you who have not – enjoy! I will fully admit to crying a couple of times at the end!

While I am on this subject, here is a video of Murat and Michelle dancing to the same piece which I found on Youtube and which I must have watched about 50 times – I love it so much!

Does anyone know where I can download the music without having to buy the whole album?


  1. Brilliant cartoon :-)

    If you like, email me at ewan_mcteagle at and I'll send the track

  2. Thanks - will do. I love that music so much! Have you got a blog? I can't seem to find it or is it access denied? :-)

  3. Here is a link where you can download many of the most popular Tangos, Vals's,and Milongas, enjoy!


  4. Bill, sorry its taken me so long to find and reply to you. I missed the button letting me know I had new comments. Many thanks for the tip - lovely music!