Monday, 6 April 2009

Flashy Feet

Unlike my last entry, this is not in fact about shoes but footwork and speed. I was out yesterday evening and was comfortably sitting by the dance floor. A couple came into view who I had never seen before. As they danced along, I realised that they were both involved in some incredibly dense and fast footwork. The floor had just become a bit clearer, so it was possible for them to do some gentle walking but instead they persisted with lightning speed to do ochos, voleos, ganchos etc etc. At first, I was impressed by the speed and watched intently but after about 30 seconds I realised that I was getting a bit distracted, I was fiddling with my wine glass and jiggling my ankles, which is strange for me as usually, when I find a couple I like, I sit spellbound. Fortunately, at that moment, I caught sight of one of my favourite dancer couples. Although, I have seen them do amazing moves, all they were doing this time was walking, slowly circling the dance floor and moving as one. It was a joy to watch and I instantly forgot about the Speedy Gonzalez duo.

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