Monday, 1 February 2010

A long night

A milonga on the opposite side of town. Some lovely dances, I lost track of time and missed the last tube on my line.

Estimated journey time if I had not missed the tube: 45 mins.

Actual time to get home: 2 hours, 10 minutes (2 separate tube journeys. 3 night buses, 1 ten-minute walk).

The things we do for tango!


  1. I know. There are some places I'd go regularly if they were central - but if they're not, and it doesn't get good till after midnight, there's just no point, because even with just two night buses it takes an hour and a half to get home.

  2. but also, the hours
    pass by in memories
    of the dance we had
    and thus it's notso
    far at all anymore.

  3. After class in a remote part of town, my bus didn't turn up and it was -10°C. The bus would have had me home in 20 minutes. Instead, I had to walk the 70 minute walk home through the freezing cold, trying to keep my balance on icy, snow-impacted pavements. Luckily, I was warmed through from dancing and the music in my head kept me going. Yes, the things we do for tango!

  4. Ms H - I can't wait for the days when we get teleporters!

    1step - definitely, sometimes the memories keep you buzzing for hours (although I then have trouble sleeping)

    tangopassionista - thank god I dont live where you are! Minus 10! I might never leave my house