Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tango @ 33

‘Lord D_____ is in jail’ was the cryptic message I received, explaining the unexpected and last minute cancellation of the Tango @ 33P milonga. Subsequently, various bloggers have suggested that this was mere coincidence and the real reason the milonga was cancelled was due to a notice from Westminster Council for noise (presumably more for some of Lord D’s other, rather salacious events rather than the milongas!)

I don’t like to think pessimistically but it would be an awful shame if this wonderful milonga had to close down permanently. It’s my favourite of all of the London ones, not only for its venue and atmosphere but its delightful organisers and quality guest teachers. I’ve not been able to go for the last few weeks but was lucky enough to go to the Christmas Milonga so if this is the end, then at least I have fond memories…

For those of you not familiar with Tango @ 33 Portland Place (also known as 33P) then this was a marvellous, weekly Sunday milonga held in an atmospheric house near Oxford Circus. Someone once described it to me as being invited to a milonga, held in your eccentric great aunt’s mansion! It certainly had a wonderful atmosphere.

I wanted to show a youtube video here which showed the Milonga @ 33P but I can't find it now. I remember it was mis-labelled so if anyone finds it, please can you let me know. It showed Oscar Acebras playing his guitar and singing while couples tangoed around him by candlelight. It was a lovely night!


  1. Don't forget the wonderful salon room where all the 'boring', 'uncreative' and 'unimaginative' DANCERS congregate to spoil it for those who really know how to use up precious floorspace, by impressing their followers (and spectators) with carefully ill-judged and inconsiderate moves! ;-)

  2. Yes, the salon room was lovely but where was it on Sunday??