Friday, 20 March 2009

Who do you fall in love with?

‘Fall in love, fall in love. That’s my only advice. It can be with a girl, or with the music, or with the dance. It doesn’t matter. But, whatever you do, fall in love. And, if you do this, then the tango, with all the bulls*** that you’ll go through along the way, will have been worth it for you’.
From ‘Long after Midnight at the Niño Bien’ by Brian Winter

The above quote, made me think of a man in my tango school who I have known for a few months now. He has always danced quite well but has never stood out particularly for me until this last month when I have seen an unexpected change in him. His movements are smoother, his steps more confident and his lead more sure. So, what has brought about this transformation?
I have a feeling it may be related to a new dancer who has just joined our class. She is a beautiful, long limbed lady from Russia who has clearly been dancing a while. She almost seems to glide along the floor and leaders who I have spoken to say she is as perfect a follower as can be. She also seems quite shy which seems to add to her mystique — never staying around to chat much after the practices etc. Since she arrived however, it is like this man’s eyes have become attached to her by some kind of invisible string and he is always eager to dance with her as soon as she appears. She never particularly singles him out and dances with a variety of partners but the difference when he dances with her is remarkable. I’ve seen other follower’s eyes widen in surprise as dances by, he seems so different when he is with her. Now is this woman aware of his attraction? She doesn’t seem to nor does she seem to want to socialise; so, I wonder if for her, it is always about the ‘dance’ while for him, well I wonder if it has become about ‘her’? Could it be the ‘unrequited-ness’ of it that has added such depths to his dancing?

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