Monday, 23 March 2009

Amanda and Adrian Costa

Amanda and Adrian Costa were in London last weekend and I got to go and attend one of their classes before my regular milonga. The were both lovely and really helpful with their comments (not to mention their charming accents!) but what I found most pleasing was the fact that they are so untheatrical in their dancing. For me, it was just simple, neat dancing - and I mean this as a compliment! Unfortunately, no one yet has posted a video of their demonstration (although I’m sure they will eventually) so in the meantime, here is a previous video of them dancing a milonga.

Also, please let me know what this piece is. I definitely recognise it but have still got a very limited tango music collection! Thanks!


  1. I love that move around 1:10!

    The music is Flor de Montserrat by Biagi - lots of other interpretations on Youtube :-)

  2. Thanks for the info! YOU know your music - I'll have to come to you with my next music mystery!