Monday, 15 November 2010

A good leader: one definition

One definition of a good leader, from a follower’s viewpoint:

Someone who makes you dance beautifully and who, if you make a mistake, covers it up so well, the follower herself even doubts if it was a mistake.

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  1. Your remarks referring to a 'mistake' remind me of when I've had women apologize during the dance for thinking that they'd made a mistake. During the break in the music, I've trotted out something I read or heard at some time: "there are no mistakes in tango, simply opportunities for improvisation". Something else I read also comes to mind: "there are only 4 steps that can be led in tango - forward, backward, sideways, and pivot - the rest is convention." Somewhere amongst this, there is enough truth to suggest that for experienced dancers who are connected to the music, the dance goes on regardless, and there is no place for implying that one or the other has made a mistake.
    Bob - Tango Salon Adelaide