Wednesday, 29 September 2010

She's back!

No – not me!

This weekend Geraldin Rojas de Paludi and Ezequiel Paludi will be teaching in London at Negracha Tango School/Club. I saw Geraldin last year when she had a flying visit over to London but this time, I’ll actually be attending a few of her classes! I’ll be excited to see what they are like and of course, it will be good to see her and her partner dancing in the flesh again.

See you there!

Negracha details here:


  1. What time did the show actually happen? (I didn't have a bet on it, I'm just interested)

  2. In the end the show started about midnight or just before - so not bad for latinos! ;-)
    The classes (both on Friday and also on Saturday) started on time (which threw me a bit) so I'd have to report favourably in general on their time keeping!

  3. Ah, that is quite impressive. I didn't go, partly because I didn't expect her to start changing her clothes till after I had to leave for my train. It sounds as though I might just have squeaked it, but on balance it was probably the right decision.

  4. What did you think of the classes/workshops? I only did the Friday one on basics and I liked it.

  5. I did the Sat morning one for all levels and thought it was useful and an unusual exercise/step. I caught the end of the Friday class but felt it was a shame that there were so many extra women. I thought the organisers were arranging equal numbers - that obviously went out of the bag!