Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tango and alcohol

Tango is a little bit like alcohol.

Most people can enjoy it in moderation. You get that little high but no repercussions the next day (Tango Equivalent = lessons/classes/practicas).

Sometimes you go out to a party or have a big dinner out and you get a bit beyond moderation. Maybe you order a few too many glasses of wine, you have that extra G&T when you know you probably shouldn’t. You feel happy, smiley and bubbly at the time. It’s a bit 50:50 here as to whether you’re going to suffer the next day from tiredness; achiness; mild despondency and a let down feeling after the high. You might be lucky and suffer nothing.(Tango equivalent = going to a milonga ranging from the ok to the brilliant).

Occasionally though, you meet people who have had that little bit too much. They’ve gone beyond the happy feeling and are now sliding into sadness and melancholy. They need to confide in you about their extreme emotions and they want to theorise and philosophise about them as well. This is that guy at the party, the one who starts to bewail about his life and the girl who left him. (Tango Equivalent = it’s the same, there’s no difference)

Well I got my first experience of this the other night.


[The friend approaches Golondrina and looks doleful]

Friend: Dance with me. I’m feeling so low.

[They dance but it is evident the Friend is not happy]

Golondrina: What’s the matter?

F: Its K. She won’t dance with me. I’ve been ‘cabesceo-ing’ her all night but she keeps looking away. What’s happening? She was happy to dance with me last night.

G: Maybe she just wants to dance with some other people

F: Yes, but I’m so jealous. We dance so well together. I put my whole soul into every dance with her.

G: I’m sure its not you.

F: I’m just not sure where my place is in the milonga anymore. Should I be here? Who am I when I’m on the dance floor?

[G looks at her friend with narrowed eyes]

G: How long have you been tango-ing tonight?

F: Well, I started this afternoon over at TC and then I came straight here.

G: So, that’s about 8 hours straight.

F: Yes, plus I was out last night.

G: I think you need to leave and go home. You’ve had a few too many tandas.


  1. There was a fellow I used to dance with who would start right off telling me of his woes in regard to this or that woman breaking up with him. I got fed up and said: " Right now I am the only woman in your life." That seemed to fix things.

  2. I think one of these days somebody will drag me to rehab