Friday, 5 June 2009

Pablo Nievas and Valeria Zunino

I had a milonga lesson with Pablo and Valeria recently. The class was hard but fun and I’ve definitely got some milonga style drills to practice at home now. Near the end of the night, we had a demonstration by Pablo and valeria which consisted of 3 dances. The first was completely improvised while the other two were choreographed. I must admit, I was a bit disappointed as I had already found a video of them on youtube doing a milonga and been very impressed but now realised it was one of their choreographed dances. Its still great to watch but it has slightly taken the shine off for me. Is it usual to have choreographed dances? Am I being a bit naive?


  1. Oy. I am sorry, but... Bad posture, ugly feet, awkward positions, no connection between the partner and to the music, the choreography makes no sense in terms of proper tango interaction. From what I see on this video, I would not waste my time and money on them. Sorry again.

  2. Sorry to have to agree with Frances...Eeek!
    As to choreography, yea, sure a lot of performances are choreographed - and as long as that doesn't mean that people are just going through a 'routine', they lose the connection and don't dance to the music, that's fine by me.