Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Embellishments and La Maleva

For the first six months of my tango life, I never did any embellishments. I thought they were too hard (which they were at my level) and also too ‘flashy’ for someone of my standard. Since progressing and now adding a technique class to my weekly schedule, I’m finally discovering why women love them so much! I’ve also discovered that dancing with beginners is a great way of practising as between the slower steps, I have time to plan (and fit in) extra steps. I have also become hooked on videos featuring La Maleva (aka the beautiful Jennifer Bratt, whose website: www.close-embrace.com is also well worth a read). I particularly like the ‘rulo loco’ move but that may take some time.


  1. OMG!!! I love these videos! I can do the moves when I hold onto a ballet bar but on the dance floor..... well, ummm let's just say they need some work..... ;-)

  2. So hard these moves ... but then so lovely as well. I guess that is why I need dedication to my cause!