Saturday, 10 January 2009

The start

This blog is about my experience of learning Argentine tango. I started on this journey about five months ago but feel that I have only really begun to ‘get’ tango in the last two months. For me, these last months have been an exhilarating and frustrating time. Each week I discover a new bit of tango that I love – a particular song, a phrase or a movement but along the way I have also had a number of setbacks and lows. I wanted to write this blog as a beginner because as much as I have been inspired by reading other tango blogs, I have not yet managed to find another which covers those first baby steps when we start trying to listen and learn tango. I can’t promise that my stories are going to be full of new insights or witty observations (although I will try!) but I hope to be truthful in what I have seen and experienced. I am simply someone who is earnestly trying to create my own relationship with tango. Please enjoy the journey with me!

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